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Napier Scatter Tacs

Napier Scatter Tacs

$ 10.00

These vintage dead stock Napier Scatter Tacs feature lovely gold plated flowers. Choose from a pair of Dogwood blooms or a pair of Roses.

Each pair is signed, tagged, on its original card, and some even in the original bag!

A very neat find indeed.

Each pin measures approximately .75" in diameter.

The signature on the back of the pins was first used in 1955. The signature on the tag was trademarked in 1965. This places these pins sometime after 1965, most likely.

Napier manufactured fine costume jewelry under the name Napier from 1922 until it closed for good in 1999 under its parent company Victoria + Co. Napier is still in business under Jones New York, but the jewelry pales in comparison to the quality of the Napier jewelry made before 1999.

Limited Stock.